Adjustment of eyebrows – 20 zł

It depends on matching the shape and thickness of the eyebrows to the shape of the face.
We adjust eyebrows after facial cleansing. We remove the Italian according to the direction of their growth. Regular hair removal will give us a beautiful shape for a long time.

Henna eyebrows – 20 zł

Henna is a plant-derived dye known for centuries, derived from the leaves and shoots of a defenseless lawson plant. Although the staining of your eyebrows and eyelashes with henna women has been around for centuries – it is still popular and liked by ladies to emphasize the look and sharpen facial features (especially for people with bright italian).

Henna eyelash – 20 zł
Henna Package (Eyelash + Eyebrows) – 30 zł
Henna package (eyelash + eyebrow) + eyebrow adjustment – 50 zł