Filing nails – 10 zł

A treatment that improves the appearance of our nails. It is based on the right shaping of a nail and giving it appropriate length. The most popular shapes are classical oval (almond-shaped), elegant and predatory – pointy or angular shape – perfect for sporty women. The shape of filing nail should match the natural shape of the nail.


Nails painting by Vinylux nail polish – 20 zł

Vinylux is the two step system. Vinylux nail polilsh is a breakthrough in nails stylisation.  By increasing the adhesion under the influence of light, Vinylux nail polilsh stays on the nail plate for longer than other nail varnishes. Vinylux nail polish can be removed by common nail polish remover.

We offer 62 different CND Vinylux polish nail colours!

Classic manicure – 39zł

Classic manicure is a treatment aimed at caring of nail plate and the skin around the nail. It is based on right shaping the free edge of the nail, removing the dead skin around the nail what significantly improves the look of our hands.

Classic manicure with conditioner – 44zł

Classic manicure treatment extended by painting nail plate by milky white or transparent conditioner which builds up defects and fills the roughness. The nails will remain nourished and smooth.

Male manicure – 39zł

Hand care in Male style. During this treatment the nails are shaped, harder and thicker layer of epidermis are removed or gently smoothed. This treatment gives hands irreproachable and aesthetic appearance by eliminating imperfections and improving the shape of your nails.

Male manicure with conditioner – 44zł

The conditioner helps to strengthen weak and fragile nails.

Japanese manicure – 59zł

This unique manicure will brighten your nails. Moreover, it supplies nails with natural ingredients (vitamins A+E) keratin, bee pollen and Japanese Sea Silica. P.Shine is a method recommended for fragile, and split nails. Both men and women have problems with maintaining their nails. The main task of the paste is to deeply nourish the nail plate. The additional effect is a nice, silky shine that stays on the nail plate for about 2 weeks.

Vinylux Manicure – 59zł

This is classic manicure extended by painting the nail plates by CND Vinylux nail polish which increases its adhesion under the influence of light. It stays on the nail plate about one week without using the base. While other nail polishes are crumbling and chipping away, Vinylux remains intact, allowing you to enjoy impeccable manicure.

French Manicure – 69zł

Classic and always trendy manicure that will add elegance to every hand. It is based on painting shaped nails by two nail varnishes. The fingernails that extend beyond the fingertips are covered with a white nail polish. But the whole is covered with transparent nail polish in a natural shade of pink or beige.

Hands SPA – 40zł

Intensively relaxing care  treatment deeply nourishing, moisturizing and smoothing epidermis. Starting with a sugar peeling massage to cleanse and remove the keratinous epidermis. At this stage you will notice the improvement in touch and appearance. Moreover, after this treatment valuable plant oils and beeswax will easier and deeper penetrate your skin what intensively hydrate, nourish and regenerate the skin, leaving it mellowly smooth for many hours. Massage with warm, flowing candle oil is a sensual ritual for the body, soul and mind. It delights the skin with pleasant warmth, relaxes the blockage and muscles tension, while the subtle aroma of essential oils deeply relaxes and soothes the senses.

Hands SPA with manicure – 79zł

Classic manicure combined with a nourishing and relaxing treatment.

Hybrid Manicure – 99zł

Hybrid manicure combines classic manicure with painting nails with hybrid nail polish.

The nails are covered with a base layer, coloured nail polish and a surface layer. The LED lamp makes all layers solid and permanent. The hybrid does not flaw the nails, it does not rub away nor does it lose its shine. The hybrid manicure looks natural and lasts for around 2 weeks. The manicure procedure is safe and does not harm the nails – you can redo it as often as you want and be satisfied with new colours every time!

French Hybrid Manicure – 119 zl

With this type of manicure the tip of the nail is painted with a white stripe and the whole surface is covered with either pink, milk or nude coloured nail polish. All layer are made solid and permanent by the LED lamps. The natural look is an alternative for the business ladies who want to stay discreet and elegant.

Taking off the hybrid nail polish – 25 zl

It is a safe way of removing the hybrid nail polish which is dissolved with a special liquid.

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