Nail extention

One of the methods of extending the nails is using a special gel that also hardens them,  makes the effect lasting and the look natural. This option is suitable for those whose hands and nails are exposed to damaging factors and who need to have a perfect look on a daily basis.    

The procedure of filling up the gel should be repeated every 3-4 weeks depending on how quickly the nails grow. It is possible to extend the nails to a chosen length and shape them as per wish. In the end the client can chose whether to use a nail polish or a hybrid and whether to additionally decorate them.

New gel + hybrid nail polish – 179 zl

Filling up the gel + hybrid nail polish – 119 zl

New French gel  – 129 zl / with redoing the French stripe – 139 zl

with redoing the French stripe- 139 zl

Filling up the clear gel – 99 zl